DLC3 is an efficient electric lifting column designed for industrial and some medical environments. With its three-segment design, DLC3 offers a more compact installation size and a longer travel range compared to traditional two-segment lifting columns. Furthermore, its unique structure allows it to withstand significantly larger lateral forces, making it more stable and reliable than common actuator. This makes DLC3 an ideal choice for lifting applications.

Technical information
  • Input voltage: 24V DC 
  • Max. load: 4000N (push)
  • Speed at no load: 16mm/sec (Typical value)
  • Speed at full load: 13mm/sec (Typical value @4000N loaded)
  • Stroke: 260~1200mm
  • Bending moment: max. 2000Nm (static) / max. 1000Nm (dynamic)
  • Duty cycle: 10%, max. 2 min. continuous operation in 20 min.
  • Noise level: ≦65dB
  • IP Protection level: IPX6 (Static, non-action)
  • Anodized aluminum body
  • Cable length: 1000mm straight
  • Preset limit switches
  • Ambient operation temperature: 5°C ~ +45°C
  • Digital positioning feedback with Hall effect sensors x 2
  • Cable length: 2000mm straight
Medical Care
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