SW10/ SW12/ SW42 actuators are designed to be used for swing gates, which allow DIY users to activate the gate with a remote control. All of them are well-designed as a complete kit for consumers to install easily by themselves.
Technical information
  • Max. leaf length: 1.5m (SW10), 1.75m (SW12), 3m (SW42)
  • Max. leaf weight: 100kg (SW10), 150kg (SW12), 200kg (SW42)
  • Input: 110 / 230V AC
  • IP Level: IP44
  • Duty cycle: 20%, max. 5 min. continuous operation in 20 min.
  • Operating ambient temperature: -20°C ~ +60°C
  • Excellent reliability and easy installation
  • Recharging function for backup battery
  • Emergency stop function
  • Pedestrian mode (single leaf opening)
  • Work with either 12/24V motors (depending on transformer voltage)
  • Photo sensor/safety edge connection
  • Slow down function
  • Rolling code inspection for more secure access control
  • Up to 39 keys can be memorized
  • Copy function for new remote controls
  • E-Lock connection
  • Gate opener with limit switch
  • CE Certified
  • Battery box: Including a 12V/10Ah rechargeable lead-acid battery.
  • Solar panel: 7W/18V
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